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"The more you fall down when you’re young, the better. That’s the only way to get stronger."

  • Other people: wow what a perfect morning for a run
  • Me: wow what a perfect morning to go the fuck back to sleep

"I solemnly swear that I am up to no good."

make me choose asked me
stiles stilinski or scott mccall

I’ve never understood why people have to become brats when they become successful. I think you should work harder when you become more successful because people are expecting more from you. Success doesn’t mean that you’re allowed to work less and treat people like shit. I’m not really supposed to say shit. Now I’ve gone and said it twice.


Emma Stone seen leaving Good Morning America on Thursday (April 24) in New York City

"One of the first houses we lived in was like out of a fairy story. We had a stream that ran through our garden, and we played with the ducks - we locked them in my mum’s office and they pooed everywhere. It was crazy, picking blackberries and mushrooms, rabbits running through your legs."Emilia Clarke for Flare Magazine (2014)